Ek Thi Begum Web Series: Cast, Trailer, True Story, Episode List,Watch in Lockdown 3.0

By | May 9, 2020

Ek Thi Begum Web Series: Cast, Trailer, True Story, Episode List,Watch in Lockdown 3.0

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Hello guys we hope you all are safe at your home. So Due to Covid-19 government create a lockdown in step by step like first lockdown, lockdown 2.0 and at a time lockdown 3.0 is running. So we all are getting bored at home so we think to give entertainment to you. So,After a long time we are getting back with new details about a Ek Thi Begum Web Series and details like cast, trailer and episode lists with story.

Ek Thi Begum is a MX Player’s web Series that is released or streaming on 8th April 2020 and now this web series is on trending with 66M+ views. So at the end of the article we provide links to all the episodes of ek thi begum because that is easy for you to watch.

Ek Thi Begum Web Series Cast

Ek Thi Begum is based on the true events that are made in the past and Ek Thi Begum web series is directed by Sachin Darekar. Also in this web series the lead role acter that named Anuja Sathe as Ashraf. Details of the full cast id given below.

Ek Thi Begum Cast Anuja Sathe - Ek Thi Begum Cast

Actor/Actress Role In Ek Thi Begum Web Series
Anuja Sathe Ashraf Bhatkar
Ankit Mohan Zaheer Bhatkar
Rajendra Shisatkar Nana Mhatre
Vivek Aapte Dandekar
Raju Aathavle Bala Mama
Vaibhav Ambekar Manoj
Amitraj Raghu Mhatre
Anjali Banerjee Nisha
Ritesh Bene Bandya Jadhav
Apurva Choudhary Reshma
Abhijeet Chavan Inspector Tawde
Adwait Dadarkar Rishi
Deepti Dhotre Sarika
Suhas Deshpande Dr.Shaikh
Ajay Gehi Maqsood
Pratibha Goregaonkar Zaheers Ammi
Suchit Jadhav Tandel
Sajid Hussain Linemen Mishra
Abhijeet Jhunjaarrao Adv. Deshmukh
Raghu Jagtap Baban
Santosh Juvekar Sawatya
Mitali Kalaagi Maria
Sagar Kale Adv.Salvi
Vitthal Kale Iqbal Khan
Nasirr Khan Rashif
Deepak Karanjikar Commissioner Gokhale
Aashay Kulkarni Victor
Vishal Kulthe Shirodkar
Chinmay Mandlekar Vikram Bhosale
Prashant Loke Rokde Khabari
Ratnakant Nandkarni Judge Gupte
Anil Nagarkar Bhau Nare
Vijay Nikam Bhai Chavan
Sanketh Pathak Yussuf Sayyed
Kishore Pednekar Judge Joshi
Doiphonde Pradip Inspector Bhoir
Mahesh Rahale Ravi Anna
Asit Redij Waman Joshi
Ashok Sawant Zaheer Abu
Resham Shrivardhan Anjali Dixit
Vikas Sonawne Hawaldar Rane
Ashutosh Suryavanshi Rangya
Amir Tadwalkar Sulu Potya
Kalyani Venkatesh Sweety
Aslam R. Wadkar Constable Pawar
Shivraj Walvekar Ganpatrao Kadam


Ek Thi Begum True Story

In the poster of the series you will see in the below “Inspired By True Events”. In this web series you will show the true events of the underworld and also that is a revenge of the Ashraf.

Ek Thi Begum Trailer

Ek Thi Begum Episode Lists & Links to Watch Online

In this web series you will show the 14 number of episodes and all the episodes are fully actionable and revengable story.

Ep-1: The Big Mistake

In this episode you will show the nana mhatre’s brother is died in shootout that is done by Zaheer and also showing love life of Ashraf and Zaheer.

Ep-2:The Turning Point

In this episode Ashraf is getting pregnant and that is create happy to Zaheer but nana Mhatre’s gang is create shootout on Zaheer and after for his future baby Zaheer takes decision to exit from the underworld.

ek thi begum watch online

Ep-3:The Naked Truce

In this episode Zaheer is go to dubai to meet bhai and at that time in india nana Mhatre and inspector tawde is shoot zaheer’s entire gang and after come back to home Zaheer got kidnapped by the inspector tawde in front of ashraf.

Ep-4:The Big Hunt

In this episode ashraf gets shock because death of his husband Zaheer. Zaheer gets killed by the nana Mhatre for his revenge and tawde demand huge amount from the zaheer’s family.

Ep-5: The Turmoil

After the death of Zaheer ashraf decide to take revenge of his husband’s death. Also in this episode you will see the young journalist Anjali meet to ashraf and get all the true details. After get details Anjali exposed to tawde and after tawde is knows about his relation.

Ep-6: The Defeat

In this episode ashraf is create a case in court against nana mhatre but ashraf is defeat in court and after the one of the witness of zaheer’s killing is arrest by the sub inspector Bhosle.

Ep-7: The Transformation

After the defeat case in court ashraf is try to collobration with the Chavan to take revenge but bhai is denied. Then after she decide to take revenge herself then she join the dance bar and get new name sapna.

Ep-8: The Honey Trap

In this episode ashraf’s plan is start working because the shooter of the nana mhatre’s gang is create a sexual relation then sawtya fires on tandel. So that create misunderstanding between two gangs.

Ep-9: The Test of Blood

After that in this episode ashraf get killed to bhoir and also call to sawtya in hotel for sexual planning. But his plans become fails.

Ep-10: The Game Becomes Ugly

Sawtya and his one more man gets killed and then bala mama is know about the real identity of ashraf then ashraf takes advantage and inform to nana about bala mama. Then bala mama get killed by the nana.

Ep-11: The Ultimate Seduction

After that in this episode ashraf is gets very close to nana and after give the tips to Vikram about nana’s drug smuggling.

Ep-12: The Big Catch

Then after ashraf is go to the home minister and get raided by Vikram and get huge stock of the drugs. Then after Vikram raids on nana mhatre’s house but he was shocked because to saw ashraf on his house.

Ep-13: The Countdown Begins

Then after nana gets arrested by Vikram but notice about connection of sapna and Vikram. Then nana asks to tawde for more information about sapna. Vikram and sapna getting married and nana is out from the court.

Ep-14: The Final Encounter

Then after ashraf is planning to kill Maqsood in Sharjah stadium to watch India Pakistan cricket match then after tawde is know about real identity of sapna so she killed tawde and call the two gangs nana’s gang and bhai’s gang. But one unknown man is attack on ashraf and she is killed.


How To Watch Ek Thi Begum Web Series Online?

In this article you will show the episode name simple click on episode name and get watched.


We hope you are enjoy to much so for more updates please visit our site for more web series information and Bollywood information.

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